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I am just making a note to myself here so I can remember who I have contacted...

I have written to Martin Platt (MCP Software) in an attempt to obtain a full version of "Account Master V3"

AM3 is a very useful personal finance software program for Amiga computers - as featured on Amiga Format cover disk 76a

I will update here if I hear back from the author...

UPDATE - 9th Oct 2009
My letter was returned - Martin has obviously moved and no forwarding address is know.
I will just have to work out that I have no money for myself...

UPDATE - 30th Oct 2009
I have managed to find an earlier full version of this software (V2.0) from 1992.
I will upload it to my area of the EAB Server (User/peter/programs) for anyone who is interested in having a look at it.

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