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Now don't let people think that somehow I'm going against the Amiga here, as I'm not. Truth be told I haven't played a lot of 'platformers' other than Giana Sisters and Rodland... of which Rodland is awesome.

However, I'm just stating. Sometimes some people nail it, and Sega/Nintendo nailed the platformer genre (Sonic/Mario). Up as jump is hard for a platformer when you're used to the two-button running-jump move. (and really, DASH jumping is what makes Mario so good, not so much the jump button itself)

Still... try to do WizKid on a console and it fails miserably. Turrican as well. The Amiga is top notch and awesome. It does what it does great.

It's ok at platformers... Nintendo just happened to knock the genre out of the park.
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