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Nah Giana Sisters is good fun but the pinacle of 2d platforming quite comfortably belongs to Nintendo and Mario

Mind you it makes no difference all this talk of what's better for what machine.I wouldn't have even thought of trading my Amiga for Snes or Megadrive - i owned these machines certainly and i loved my time with special games like Zelda Past and Contra etc, but my A500 and then A1200 was something more than what i got from the console experience

Just the thrill of booting up and waiting with anticipation what game or demo etc you were about to see from your Amiga was something special.Sure you had to wait but this really was part of the charm in a way we wont ever see again - much like the C64 in fact.This was always much more a special time than shoving a Cart into console and playing - not that this could in any way be called a weakness for console play of course.Actually i do remember the VCS having a bit more soul(at least to me) so i'm not sure what that means then

I loved all sides of gaming at the time though so i did spend a good amount of time playing on all these fine machines, and although i have the fondest memories of say Castlevania4, Zelda Past(probably the most perfect game ever), and Starfox etc, nothing really comes close to my treasured memories when using the Amiga

It couldn't really keep up with what console games provided but then we had a distinctly different type of games such as Deutros, Damocles, StuntCar, F18, Carrier Command, Turrican2, etc and this i think can just as easily be argued was a better deal

Glad i didn't miss out on the Amiga
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