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Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
Made XBMC the dash and thought all was well, until I exited out of a film and had a black screen.
Probably ran out of memory. Which version of XBMC did you use? Try the stable version rather than the overnight build version.

Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
I'm thinking maybe a clean restore is best.
This isn't a PC!! You dont get crap left around in registries or anything.

Launch UnleashX (assuming you kept it) from XBMC from the Programs menu. FTP in, upload a new XBMC directory, delete the old XBMC directory, rename and reboot. (You need to run UnleashX because you cannot FTP over XBMC when running XBMC)

Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
Winuaex is actully hard crashing my Xbox. damnit
It crashes from time to time, especially if not setup correctly. Or perhaps you have dodgy case fan or GPU fan (MK 1.0/1.1 only) and it is overheating?
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