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I'm still paying my penance for all of those Amiga games I pirated and spread for so many years by buying all I can get my hands on. Not that it helps the developers now, but even if I'd bought the games back then, most of what I have read from oldschool Amiga games programmers, they were ripped off brutally by the publishers, so the publishing houses got what they deserved via piracy. Nature has a built in karma system.

Likewise, record companies have been ripping off consumers and artists for so long, they truly deserve the knee to the groin that mp3's have given them. I could write a thesis on this record company thing, but I'll spare y'all. Book publishing is the same way. Software companies are the newbies on the block as far as ripping off consumers and creators, but they are aggressive enough to deserve everything they get in the name of lost revenue.

It's a controversial standpoint, but I stand by it. I could never sympathize with corporate zombies like M$, Nintendo, Sony, etc. They will always have way more than their share.
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