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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Turrican on the Sega Mega Drive is similar. The game has of course a jump button, but the coder used the jump mechanics from the Amiga version. It doesn't work.
This is actually the sentiment I was trying to get across.

It's not that amiga doesn't have jump buttons, it's that the design of "Up being jump" or "Having a jump button" has to match the gameplay. If Mario was done the same, but with Up being jump... it'd be awful.

If Turrican has a jump button (see, Megadrive, PC Engine) that doesn't mean it's a better port. Quite the opposite, the game suffered.

However for a pure platform, the 900-lb Gorilla in the room is Mario Bros. and to try and emulate that gameplay while not compensating for changing the jump mechanic leads to... well... not so great gameplay.

It's not that up is jump. It's that the programmers didn't take it into account.
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