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Hi All,

I got me answer!

Mad wrote:

this can be done using Microsoft Access 2003.

it's a bit complicated to explain...
all i need to do is copy the File filter column (which points to the file position on the d64 disk)
as all the other info is the same and we are working on the same mdb file.

!!for a group task!!
it will only work if you all stick to one column each and don't delete or change others.
(even if you do this by mistake, it won't work)

first you need to create a gamebase with all the games/demos you are going to add.
this can be done using datamaker to create a Romcenter dat file for your collection.
and import that into gamebase using the Gamebase Toolbox.
Now use the Gamebase Toolbox to scan and fix errors.

Depending on what you want you can either

add every programmer, pulisher, musician and cracker from a list into the MDB (like i did with the demos)
and distribute that to be worked on strictly using only the data you provided in it.
now anyone can add the correct programmer ect from that list already in the gamebase.
but don't overlap each others work (a-m) (n-z)

or get teams to stick to certain tasks....
team 1 - date, Programmers, Publisher
team 2 - Musician, and sids
team 3 - Extras

every team can change data to these... (as long as they do not add new subject or item)
Language, joystick port, game genere, players, notes, trainers, hi-score, rating pal /ntsc
true drive emulation, inc docs.

then when everyone is done..
collect all the MDBs (get each team to rename the MBD as they all will have the same name)
load Access and paste the column from each teams work into one (your Master) MDB.
then using gamebase toolbox, use the option scan and fix errors.

or you could get teams to create lists by adding the data for one subject (Publisher) to the "Game Comment"
and another (programmers) to the "Version Comment"
then they can be sorted a-z and pasted into the publisher and programmer lists.
then one person to add the PU_ID and PR_ID for every game from the generated list.

That sounds mental when i read it back!

So, i get it ....partial

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