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I liked the gameplay in Aladdin, and Marvin's Marvelous Adventure seems to have an endless amount of fun and varied levels. Lionheart has beautiful controls, I think. The designers of that game were true Amiga fanatics, and the gameplay is perfect with both joystick and 2-button control pad. Mr. Nutz was the same, it hit the hardware and made full use of the Amiga's strengths, with tight controls for joystick and pads. But with both of these games you just need to practice all the moves and get good at them to fully enjoy the gameplay. Flink was also another great platform game, which sadly only came out on the CD32 so isn't as accessible as most other Amiga games. It was made by the same guys who made Lionheart, and it's a beautiful game to play.

Halloween Nightmare will be a good Amiga platform game when it's finished. It will have several control options too (Joystick, 2-button pad, CD32 pad, Keyboard, Playstation pad, maybe USB controllers as well).
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