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Like prowler I bought my two copies when Amithlon first came out - proper pressed CD's.

That was before the whole sordid business came out when A.(st)inc ordered H&P to stop selling followed by Bernie's withdrawal when he realised he'd been had AND could have been personally liable for millions in damages - Yes, our (in)glorious leaders have always been tw*ts...

...It wouldn't surprise me if SoftHut have a big pile of original discs + boxes.
Back in the day H&P + A.(st)inc were together pushing Amithlon hard as the future of the 'classic' Amiga before A.(st)inc had one of their (um, rare?) changes of direction. I bet H&P had loads of discs pressed that didn't sell as well as they expected...

...I have a conspiracy theory to explain what went on if any like to subscribe to such things.

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