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Originally Posted by MagerValp View Post
I ordered kick 3.1 for my A2000 last year, and got a pair of EPROMs with home made labels saying Kickstart Amiga 2000 v40.68 (which does not exist, it's 40.63 for 500/2000).
Power Computing sold me a KS 3.1 v40.70 beta for my A3000, a revision which never officially went on sale. I'm pretty sure no Amiga shop pays anyone royalties on KS ROMs anymore, they just warez them. After all who will ever know? (Not that I endorse such behaviour )

Originally Posted by MagerValp View Post
I sent them back for a replacement, but he claimed he never received them.
I always post returns as recorded delivery then you have a paper trail.

Originally Posted by tero View Post
Hope for the Amithlon CD's that they're not CDR's (150$ for them 'ouch')
I bet they all were CD-R direct from publishers H&P. Glass masters for CD's cost a lot of money. Doubtful they pressed such small volumes. But you never know.

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