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You could as well mention shmups (with side scrolling or not), most Amiga arcade games may have looked good (not always) but they had no gameplay and worst of all many of them didn't even run at full frame rate (something that would have been unacceptable on consoles, except for some minor slowdowns in some games).

I remember games like Assassin (a bad strider rip-off) or Leander (and several others) where they couldn't display more than a couple of enemies on screen without going below the frame coz them wise guys were using too many bitplanes, overscan, etc., this of course shattered any hint of gameplay that could have been present there.

I seems to recall that the james pond games were well crafted, tho.

It's easily beaten by the NES where you find thousands of crappy games.
There's absolutely fantastic games on the NES which have no equivalent on Amiga (not even close), i never understood why they all sacrified gameplay and frame rate in order to use as much colors as possible and bigger bobs in Amiga games, that was stupid (again).

You also have to consider that developing for the Amiga was cheaper than the consoles, that has an impact on polishing a title or just making do. No licensing requirements for a start.
But no protection to buy from rob northern, no need to waste time to obfuscate the code or code a track loader

Amiga was a "jack of all trades", thats where its strength lied.
But also it's weakness as it was much more tricky to code than consoles which had simpler hardware back then. A special tiles mode for the gfx would have helped tremendously.
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