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Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
Cheers, much appreciated.
Yeah I get the general consensus that XBMC as a dash is the way to go. I'm running UnleashX so just need to read around on how to do it.
Included with a t3ch XBMC download is a directory called _tools and inside are a two crucial files. One suffixed .cfg and the other .xbe

Rename the cfg file default.cfg and rename the .xbe as default.xbe

Edit the config file and put the path of your XBMC install dir (e.g. E:\apps\XBMC)

FTP into your XBOX, I recommend you keep UnleashX as an application so go to E:\dashboard and move all the files to E:\apps\UnleashX. Now in their place FTP over the two files default.xbe and default.cfg from the XBMC _tools DIR.

Clench buttock cheeks, Reboot and voila.

Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
EDIT: Forgot to ask, I have a HDD lying around (under 137GB) is it worth upgrading it? I feel competent enough to do it.
Depends if you want to take your box round to a mates, or play XBOX games without messing about with CDs. Native xbox games are the only files which need to be on the hard drive, any other files (media or emulator ROMs) can live on your network and be accessed via SAMBA.

It is very easy to add a new hard drive. You first download the xboxhdm appliction, FTP off all the files from your C: and E: put them where the README tells you to in the xboxhdm directory structure. Then FTP off your EPROM key which will be used to lock the hard drive. Then either make a CD-R or a bootable USB Key.

Connect the new xbox hard drive as IDE0 MASTER and boot xboxhdm and just follow the options.

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