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Just to reiterate, I am only specifically talking about side-scrolling platformers. Adventure games, RPG games, and any simulation games don't count.

And I never said the Amiga is horrible at platform games; I just think that at times, Amiga platformers also seem to lack something that not everyone can explain.

I honestly thought Superfrog was mediocre because there's not much about the game that stands out much as being amazing. And I believe that the World 1 music got really annoying to listen to after awhile.

Lionheart, IMO, is actually an amazing game. Level design is awesome, as well as the platforming bits. But I really hate the fact that the hero can only attack with a short sword and his rather tiny legs. So even stuff like that can count as a relevant flaw of the game.

It would be nice if we had Mega Man and Castlevania like clones for the Amiga. Maybe even Earthworm Jim for the Amiga would've been kickass.
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