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Platformers were mostly best on Console but the Amiga had one or two really nice ones - nothing really special but always a lovely atmosphere

I know i'm probably in a minority on these forums but although Super Frog was far from dire, it also wasn't anything you could boast at console owners

Soccer Kid was classy i thought

Lionheart was gorgeous and quite unique

I by far preferred Amiga Mr Nutz although again that may have been down to atmosphere

Ruff n Tumble was impressive despite some that say 30fps just isn't impressive

Zool was particularly poor i'd say as there really wasn't anything in the way of depth for control or it's very basic gameplay.You could have fun playing it i guess but it was so very simple regarding these things

Amiga games were their own thing and i wouldn't honestly change any of these games - they felt very Amiga.Although we never got a game to rival games like Super Mario Snes, Amiga still had plenty to boast about over console owners

Putty Squad of course was real nice and no matter how hard i try to like the Snes version, it lacks the vibrancy of the Amiga game - um i mean demo as it's unlikey certain people are ever pull their finger out over this one

I think it was when Amiga tried to mimick console style games that it had problems - Amiga worked best when it did it's own thing

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