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Why are platform games on the Amiga really mediocre?

I hate to be negative when it comes to the good ol' Amiga, but I honestly believe that despite the Amiga being a huge technical achievement when it comes to graphics and audio, it didn't seem to translate the game play mechanics well when it comes to side-scrolling platform games. Now I know the Amiga wasn't designed to primarily be a gaming machine, but it certainly ended up getting that reputation anyway, so we'll just have to stick with it.

It seems to me that despite having good titles like Turrican and Leander, there were a bunch of crap ones like Shadow of the Beast, Zool, Superfrog, Rick Dangerous, Kid Chaos, and others related to them. It's either due to level design, game difficulty, wonky controls, or either the game just simply not interesting you at all.

So am I the only person here who's alone in their opinion?
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