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Hello all:
That Amithlon/AmigaXL thing keeps coming up (see latest news thread). It remains forever officially unavailable for sale yet quite a few people remain interested in getting a copy - this is starting to get up my nose as I would very much like to share... point is this:
As Amithlon/AmigaXL can never be sold legitimately and so nobody can ever claim to have lost money as a result of it's 'free' distribution... Surely it must qualify as the most abandoned of 'abandonware' in the history of retro-computing.

Can I PLEASE upload a copy to the EAB server, PLEASE?

-If the answer is 'No' because it contains a version of 3.9 I can always strip that out of the .iso before uploading.
-If the answer is 'No' because it contains a KS Rom image I could strip that too, though it's so tightly integrated into Amithlon a potential 'pirate' would have a devil of a job getting @ it...
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