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Originally Posted by Kikoskia View Post
Thanks for the information. How are you able to transfer said information back onto disk though? I am unfamiliar with the process.

The main games we are trying to get going are Menace, Gods and The Chaos Engine.
I havent done this for a long time - im sure someone round here could give you better info.
One way to transfer files from PC to Amiga is by using CrossDOS this will let you move files using Floppy disk - Check to see if you have CrossDos, might have come free with Workbench 2+ but not sure, its also on PPaint -
Would probably help to have WinUae running on PC.

I think a parallel between PC > Amiga conection can also be used to transfere files.

If those are original boxed games then Gods might copy but you need a Hex editor - Menace ill have to check and Chaos Engine I wouldnt think possible. Originals can be backed up - with an extra external drive and copying hardware.

Or: Get A600 With this;)
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