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Wanted something to play with @ some free time so I installed AmigaSYS 4 Live on a small USB stick on my Home PC. Everything went smoothly except the CD / DVD drive support that sadly is not there.

There is menu that helps you to mount the CD / DVD inside the Workbench environment of AmigaSYS but every unit I tried I got the message uaescsi.device can not mount device at Unit X.

I found out that uaescsi.device is not a real file that I should place on the devs directory but part of the UAE.

I thought that a small check and edit on the .uaerc file of UAE should do the trick. I found the scsi variable that should have been set to true and a scsi_device variable that should contain the Linux path of the CD/DVD Drive, at least that is what I discovered searching on the net.

Ok this small Live AmigaSYS first boots a Linux Distro (perhaps a GNU one?) Which command should I use to see how my DVD drive is mounted on this Linux Distro? Both DVD drives I got work perfectly when I put a CD inside the drive after quitting UAE and remaining on the Linux desktop.

Beside the settings on uaerc file any other idea or suggestion will be useful.

EDIT: Actually I think the problem is uaescsi.device it appears to be nowhere.

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