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Hey guys. I'm still in the process of tweaking and fixing a few of my VisualPrefs themes at the moment, but I fully intend on releasing them as soon as I'm finished. Keep an eye out on Aminet for them (you all check the Aminet Recent page every day already though, right?)

The main problem with finding and fixing bugs in SabreMSN and most Amiga applications these days is the serious lack of betatesters. Cammy and I are among an extremely small group of people still actively testing all this new Amiga software and giving feedback for the authors, trying to make these programs as feature-packed and stable as possible. But we're also very busy with our own projects, so if anyone else out there is interested in helping, please email the authors of the software and let them know you're using it and you need some or want to help.

By the way, when I finally upload my VisualPrefs themes, I'll include the Ubuntu Linux theme (pictured above), the blue Windows XP theme, an AmigaOS4 style theme, and one or two custom ones. Later on, I'd like to make more based on other OSs, such as OSX (although it won't look very much like the real thing) and RiscOS, which I've wanted to make my Workbench look like for years.
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