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Completely New at Copying Games - Please Assist

Hello everyone.

Firstly I apologise if this is in the incorrect forum area; if so, you are welcome to move it to where it is meant to be.

Now I have been a game collector for a long time and I recently wanted to get back into the Amiga 500 which I used to have when I was younger (long story short, we ended up selling it and I regret that). Now that I have a new one, I am eager to copy my games so that I play them with copied disks as opposed to the originals, which I can keep safe.

The only problem is I have no idea how to actually copy them successfully. We have a disk with various copying programs, as well as X-Copy Pro which I have gleaned from various threads on random forums that it is a good program. Sadly, I have failed totally to get a single game copied this way sucecssfully.

If anyone could assist me in any way, I would be most appreciative. We are using a standard Amiga 500.
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