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Hi Fellas,

Thanx for the comments,more cooperation is surely needed!

I think This will be only a Offline Demobase for now,it's a good idea to
have it offline AND online in the near future,thats my idea.

Paranoid has lots of work to do atm,Andreas is looking into
the Section"Not Working Demos) and TCD is looking for some missing demos.(if he can find the time,thats no prob TCD ).

But surely some discussion is a good thing,I have talked with Paranoid
about merging MDB's and maybe Photon can give us a clue about this.

We also need some icon replacements and some splashscreens,may in the future a Demobase dedicated site?().

I have to work this weekend and from wednesday on i will try to make some time to discuss with Photon etc on Irc.

I have to go,wife comes home from work in a short while

Have a good night and i'll check EAB tomorrow.
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