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Paranoid, first of all welcome to our channel and yes, there are some projects going on that need uhm advertising. We have some guys in our team interested in the "super database of everything" thing. Online or offline, a database is a database.

But there's two aspects (I'm probably being captain Obvious as always, still it's better to get to the basics instead of missing a basic aspect.):

1) Preservation (scanning & storage of files and storage of enough info to find that file with a reasonable search). Solution is lots of "harddisk" space and a big database.
2) To use what is preserved. Emulators to show the file, access to the file and info about the file by others than the admin.

File could be a demo, game, utility, music, or gfx.

When it comes to access, the databases and files can be anywhere on the internet. Where the link goes doesn't really matter to the one who cares about getting the file. Ofc mirrors are a good thing and people are already good at mirroring and offline backups.

So lots of files are already accessible, but some databases have only info (Break) and some have "only the file" (Pouet etc).

Anyway, I've typed too much already, so here it is:

1. Merging databases regularly is fine, lots of people from different projects contributing to a common superdatabase is unrealistic. Unless the skies are parted and a decree is passed unto mere humans, even deciding on the format of the db will take years, if it even happens.

2. Menace will suggest a common "demo id" on Bitfellas News at least. So you know a file is checksummed, ok, and the version you're looking for. [Edit: well, I got the idea that that's what his post was mainly about. Post is here anyway.]

3. I wanted to suggest to Toni Wilen to add "Open With OCSDEMOCONFIG" and "Open With AGADEMOCONFIG" in the right-click menu for certain formats that are downloadable from these sites. Like .lha, .exe, .adf.

What this gives is a Flashtro.Com-like ability to browse for demos and go "I want to see this!" without all the manual labour (well, for me it takes a minute or so, but for all the nice demofreax out there (and to-be-demofreax) that don't have all the knowledge/patience to make it work...

Third option also goes for coders of .mod players and maybe .iff viewers, but ofc if you can just get the damn demo to start you can see the gfx and hear the music..!

Signing off, Cap'n Obvious.

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