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(going to answer as best I can, though I know this wasn't addressed to me...)
Originally Posted by Photon View Post
sjakie, if you want you can talk to our team about cooperation. We're on #amigaexotic on ircnet. Maybe you want a certain "angle" on your database, but there IS a lot of information already stored in ours.
News to me.. I had thought Demobase was the only thing like it, not including web-based databases that aren't quite the same thing.

What server? I just joined #amigaexotic and I'm the only one there... Also tried and to no avail. xs4all doesn't connect as well...
Originally Posted by Photon View Post
What do you mean by this? All demos work. Sometimes only on the setup they were coded on, but often on more setups and sometimes on all setups.
Just that they don't currently work with a particular WinUAE setup and need to be fixed, or that the image has a checksum fault, etc and won't boot.
Originally Posted by Photon View Post
It would be nice with a database with "requires/supports" info. (Which "minimum"/oldest chipset, kickstart, or memory setup the demo must have to run correctly, and which setups are ALSO supported.)
Well, with strictly a database about Amiga demos, I'd agree.. But Demobase, like Gamebase, has the aim (as I see it, could be wrong) of a database of information on all demos, but also a front-end of sorts to an emulator, so with demos you have the file for, you double-click and it runs. So the concern of it also running on AGA, or only running on ECS 1 meg chip memory, 1.3 rom isn't really a concern apart from configuring the database so that it uses the ECS, 1 meg chip, 1.3 configuration to run.

At this point, Demobase has 17,994 demos (intros, etc) included. Around 14,000 have the demo itself. Gamebase has been configured to provide for information about the group, release date, coding, music, art, language, country, party info, place finished, OCS/ECS/AGA, NTSC/PAL, length, and if it works (within Demobase/WinUAE) (all this replacing game information...). The demos (for the most part) have the name and group, and about half have screenshots. The rest of the info is what I was going to work on next. There are still a lot of demos that can be added, but I wanted to gather data on what is there first (though that will take ages, I know).

I do feel like the wheel is being reinvented several times, but I think the aim of Demobase (not sure if it matches another project) is to have a stand alone (not web-based) database of all demos, so that they can be sorted in many ways (maybe you want all Scoopex demos, maybe all first place winners, maybe all Swedish demos, maybe all demos in Polish, maybe all the demos that were in the 4k entry for Breakpoint '92...) and in most (ideally, all) cases just double click to launch WinUAE to run them.

I'll keep trying to find #amigaexotic to see what's going on in the meantime.
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