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Beta 15 would allow me to use HQ2x, although I am not too sure how exactly it fares compared to the more popular one like SaI.

Also this beta definitely runs smoother , you save my day : WB 3.x and especially AmigaOS breathe again.
Nonetheless, I want to make clear that I am not endorsing this idea :
"Since I am now able to almost make Menace playable, let's keep HQ2x for the next releases", don't get me wrong.

In fact, I might have found out about a go-between substitute in the name of...
"HQlite" .

Apparently, the OpenMSX team gather the work of many contributors worldwide (most notably because they are the forthcoming inspiration for the hugely popular BlueMSX emulator ones), and one of these is a modification of the original HQ filter (if I understand well), called HQlite, which as the name implies should look nice yet be faster.

May be worth having a quick glance at the source code of v0.7.2.

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