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Cool HQ2x not smooth (some pictures linked so possibly slow loading)


I wanted to evaluate how things would go with the HQ2x filter and do a CPU usage comparison (top left widget polls CPU every second, and it's not made by MS) with a version I keep using as some of you may know, the now famous : 1.4.6 .

With the other filters, gaming would be completely doable, but with HQ2x, I had many slowdowns :
Jerky scrolling, and rubbish audio, and ultimately errors.

I tried to reduce the audio settings levels (stereo,instead of 5.1, no A1200 filter...), and also tried Menace full screen (i usually use Full Window, a great idea tm Toni), it didn't help.

Here it goes :
CPU usage with the beta version : 85%
Not only the CPU usage is higher, but even if it was allowed to top 99%, the game is completely unplayable.

CPU usage with the 1.4.6 version : 71%

I also compared CPU usage of WinUAE running the same game with the D3D filter, and it was roughly the same (under 65%) with both versions (I can post the pics if necessary).

  • The game runs from its WHDload slave
  • the Workbench used is AmigaSYS 4, upgraded
  • The DualCore CPU inside DVDBOX is the e8600 (@3.33GHz)

Sorry for those with a slow Internet connexion.

Just to make you salivate, I post a screenshot of an emulated A4000 @50MHz. Its config. I tweaked to Cycle-exact the 020 (not really relevant, but may be worth noticing visually the 6-8% delta HQ2x induces compared to other filters). It also bears the D3D filter, which I should be using as default instead of the Null one.

Oh, I am aware most A4000 didn't have a 020, but I couldn't do that with the 040 nor with the 030.
May be the explanation is HQ2x not fully implemented, I am not, I repeat I am NOT whoring on the beta.

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