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Originally Posted by antonvaltaz View Post
On a technical note, I know I can use DOSBox for older games, but are there any general things I should know for getting Windows 9x games working under XP/Vista? I know that's probably a huge question, but if anyone could point me to any tools or guides online I can do some research myself...
One other important thing to note is that some old Windows games (like some old DOS games) have timing issues on too fast CPUs, independently of the Windows version used. Blade Runner (which I mentioned in my last post) for instance has some bits that don't work properly on CPUs above about 1 GHz (as far as I recall). Such problems can be subtle and barely noticeable, but also complete show stoppers. For example, in Blade Runner, there's a scene you can't survive when those problems occur. Sometimes there are patches, sometimes you need slowdown software.
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