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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
For example? What 'we' do with the name and copyrights then? Except for making KS and WB freely available of course Would 'we' make Jens design a new 'Amiga' and have some people code a cool new OS and software? Would 'we' make a electronic gadget to get started?
Well, I'm not quite sure. But ideally the community would scrape together every single one of the minimig/NatAmi designers, top-modders, emu-writers and so on, and so on - And indeed try to design a new console.

A portable handheld preferrably. Something like the Pandora, really.

Logically it would use a version of AROS as the O.S, with a highly developed internal layer of 68k emulation. And include an HDMI-port of course.
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