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Shareware & PD - Full Registered Games

I have noticed that downloading some PD and Shareware Amiga games just results in getting the demo versions still and it is quite rare for a full registered game to turn up, it is just like it was back in the day when you used to get disks from PD libraries - you then had to send a registration fee to the author and in turn you would receive the full game...

I am sure that if the authors could still be contacted now they would if possible donate their full games back into the Amiga community for new users to experience and older users to enjoy.

I am keen to get back some of the original full Shareware titles I once owned and of course with the authors permission I will share them here.

I don't imagine that I am the first person to think about doing this so I was wondering if we could update this thread should I or any other forum user contact an author and get a full game or piece of software to share.

I have written to two authors this week and also Dave May has given permission for his full game "Air Taxi" to be zoned so that is a start.

What do people think?

July 2010

The place to find any full games we discover is on the EAB file server ( in the 'Games/PD (full versions)' folder.

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