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I always liked Bioforge which I thought was underrated.
Ah, yes, I liked it much too! Wasn't that underrated iirc, I think I remember it being rated 92% or something in my favorite french-language PC mag. But maybe it didn't receive unanimous high ratings tho.

and talking bout Bioforge reminds me of Alone in the Dark I & II! AitD being the first game to reaaaally give me the chills

Actually, the AI is still impressive compared to the mindless drones inhabiting current games. The AI was fair and unforgiving at the same time, a perfect balance. Although in Thief 2 it was done better because the AI would go seek help more realistically, in Thief 1 it tended to just forget you were there.
True, it was great! Didn't play Thief 2 tho to compare...I'll have to fix that asap

Thanks guys! Wow... that should keep me busy for a little while at least... :-)
Enjoy Really, the 90's were my greatest gaming era for sure. It still featured the creativity from the early era, taking advantage of the huge performance curve of the PC at that time. Wonderful times.
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