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Originally Posted by AB Positive View Post
I'm giddy with anticipation for later today when I print out the amiga HRM and can sit down for some good ol' fashioned learning.

Farther off - making my first really crappy bad-looking, bad-sounding demo which i'll force you all to watch.
Good man!

Hey, speaking of that I just found a good ol' Second Printing HRM from '86 in a box. Pure American version. Was a bit odd to read the text, it lacked the interruptions every other page explaining how it would be in PAL that are burned into my brainPROM. Bit camp typesetting too, but I liked it.

Well, I ordered loads of stuff from Futurlec... I was giddy then. Especially when going through the checkout steps. Was half expecting the webite to explode halfway through and utterly demolish any trace of my carefully honed order.

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