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Hi Deleauvive,

Originally Posted by Delauvive View Post

As I don't plan to install MacOS on top on my Dual Core (not yet) just because I am curious to see how two or three games look like on the IIgs, I was stuck with a dysfunctional XGS32 (wouldn't load any disk) or a dysfunctional KEGS32 (wouldn't emulate the keyboard properly).

So, I downloaded KEGS, which GUI is basic to say the least, but usable.
Were you using the Kegs32 from :
or the Kegs/SDL from:

What kind of problems were you having with the keyboard emulation?
Are you using Rom1 or Rom3?
I use Kegs32 this end on Win7x64 with no major problems..

Speed does have to be throttled to about 50MHz , otherwise mouse movements don't track correctly.
Mind you, once you go above about 18MHz, you are running faster than any real IIgs (with modded transwarp) on the planet
Source Code is in the Kegs32 archives (Visual C++ v6) if you feel like modifying it yourself.
Compiles ok with VS2005 after upgrading, had a few probs with VS2008 though due to quite a few deprecated bits and pieces.

I did tinker with the idea of adding a 1024x768 graphic mode at one point, reasonably easy since most of the generic ROM routines support a +/- 16384 drawing area. Even mouse routines have a max clip range of 1024x1024.
Only a few toolbox routines in QuickdrawII need to be replaced.
Could even use X86 native routines if done in the emulator.


I have a ROM3 machine here with a CF Adapter card for the HD, I think Kegs32 compares quite favourably. Kegs also has the added benefit of the 8MB ram maximum hack.
Can't think of any software that doesn't run off the top of my head.

Fair bit of activity on news:comp.sys.apple2 and assorted sub-groups if you weren't aware.

It's all fun anyway.

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