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Thanks, guys! CyberDruid is correct--that is the game I meant. It was a favorite of mine on the Commodore 64, though it seems that few Americans have heard of it. I will hopefully be able to find the original version (Speccy?) and compare it to the ports. It will make a huge difference since the sound hardware was so different in the Speccy, C-64, and Amiga.

Interplay did such a great job with Fallout and Planescape. They seem to have been a hit or miss company. I loved both those games but didn't care much for Icewind Dale, even though it was a party-based CRPG with a lot going for it. Just didn't seem to have that same magic. Not saying it was bad, just not as good as their other games. It's really sad for me, because I think they just didn't choose the right setting and story--the basic setup had a lot of promise.

I've really enjoyed Bioware's later games such as Mass Effect, Jade Empire, and KOTOR. I wasn't too happy with NWN even though I played through the game and its expansions. Again, not a bad game, just not a fantastic one. NWN 2 just didn't click at all with me. I was glad when it was over.

I only wish a truly great developer would step up to fill the void with turn-based CRPGs. I know there are some indy and low-budget projects out there, but the last major release I can think of was Troika's Temple of Elemental Evil, which again fell short of the "greatness" mark. You really just can't succeed if you don't have both kick ass writers and at least a decent game engine. A lot of games have great graphics and so on, but the story and characters just don't hold interest. I don't really know what the problem is, because there are tons and tons of great Dungeons & Dragons content that hasn't been properly brought to the computer.
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