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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Expensive step up. If they magically find a workable price point, I'll be the first to eat my hat.

It cannot possibly take off unless someone BIG releases an FPGA system for mainstream commercial use that we can steal for our purposes.
On, Thomas Hirsch said that he got a unit batch of 4 PCBs at 250 Euros each. The PCBs are 4 layers and didn't include the cost of the components (only one is assembled so far) and these are prototype boards. Once the prototypes are working properly, a mass production run is planned.

Since Thomas and Gunnar both work at IBM, maybe they know who to talk to to get a decent size production run going. Thomas seems to know what he is doing and Gunnar knows some of the production techniques used to produce working microprocessors such as PowerPC chips. Is IBM big enough for you? (I suspect you may need some salt to gulp down that hat, alexh, but I'll reserve judgment until they get the prototypes working.)
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