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I think it's all a bit sad

They obviously have a least one very talented individual working on this project but I don't see how it can go anywhere which is a real shame.

Maybe if they'd teamed up with Individual Computer's and ACube a while ago they could have got something to market.

I think the problem is that if you were to come up with a drop-in replacement mb (or mb's) for classic Amiga's (so called SuperAGA) with say an onboard 030 then it would only sell in large numbers if it was < 200 pounds, maybe double that if it had an onboard 060.

Or if they were to sell it as a stand-alone board (like the Mini-Mig) they would have to be asking for even less to make it a success.

I think that is the problem facing Jens with CloneA, it's clearly finished...he just does know how to make any (decent) money out of it.

The other problem that everyone overlooks is software, it's no good releasing a 'SuperAGA' MB if there is no software that takes advantage of it (eg display mode drivers).
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