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Originally Posted by AlexH
Your thinking is too narrow minded.
Maybe, maybe not.

How about this as a scenario:

Imagine that Amiga Inc invented the i-Phone. They've then got a computer type gadget that comes with "Amiga-ness" - ie. it's an order of magnitude better in design and useability than the existing technology and also allows for end user participation and creativity (ie. the start of a community) in the form of apps that anyone can aquire the SDK for to make and sell their own software.

This is what I meant when I said "Amiga feel" and that the marriage of the name and gadget would have to be exactly right.

Useability and desirability would be high and the existing reputation of a once loved brand would then continue with the ethos that made it great in the first place whilst also giving longer term earnings potential.

Result? The Amiga brand *would be* worth millions again.
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