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I agree, slapping old brand-names on new hardware makes good business sense...

...take Acorn for example:
A name with all sorts of useful connotations in the UK, even today - not least of which is a reputation for quality (and high price).
An otherwise unremarkable company with no link to the original Acorn has bought the name + logo and slapped them on their own laptops. They are selling rather well at a somewhat inflated price - why?
Because *everybody knows* Acorns are 'good quality' machines with 'history' so it's ok that they are expensive because you get what you pay for...
...laptop company gets a leg up in a saturated market AND gets to hike the retail price by 20% - hurrah!

Hell, even though I'm an old geek who likes his Acorns, rather than crying 'BLASPHEMY' I'm half tempted to buy one of their over-priced computers myself just because it would be cool to have a new Acorn.

The Amiga name has got to be worth much more than the Acorn one - just not under it's current ownership and (sadly) not in any kind of form 'we' would like to see it used.

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