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Originally Posted by pmc View Post
What a disappointment it would be to get your new Amiga to find it's just another PC.
To us, the infinitesimal minority, who actually remember what the Amiga does and was yes. To the overall vast majority who are just walking through Argos or Frys or whatever looking at netbooks;

"Asus, who the feck are they, sound like a rude work? Packard Bell? Don't they make phones or something? Amiga, cool I remember them, ahhh, they were great weren't they. You think Billy would want an Amiga for xmas??"

Your thinking is too narrow minded. The vast majority of people will never even know they are being steered to the product at all. It will be almost subliminal. As with almost all marketing and advertising.

Originally Posted by pmc View Post
In my opinion that would soon kill the iconic Amiga name in the minds of those 30 somethings eager and willing to part with their cash to get some of that old Amiga-ness back.
But that's just it, unless they are frickin geeks like us they don't remember what "Amiga-ness" was let alone are trying to get it back. It's just a brand name they recognise and associate quality with over other brands without quite knowing why. They didn't set out to buy an Amiga, they wanted to buy a netbook (or whatever) and just chose an Amiga branded one over the others on the shelf.

Originally Posted by pmc View Post
This goes back to my previous point - just exactly what gadget could the name be on that fulfils that useful & desirable + Amiga-ness criteria?
Anything. Netbook, Tablet PC, SmartPhone. Anything associated with computing will give a huge boost to an almost anonymous vendor.
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