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Originally Posted by Mr Creosote View Post
Hey Fred, hey Bloodwych! As you can see, I only check EAB very rarely these days... and most of the time, there is just too much noise drowning out the interesting parts, so I default to not writing anything.

It's great to see you guys still remember me, though. To be quite honest, one of the reasons I slowly faded out of here was that this community, as great as it is, seemed to be concerned with very different things than what I do. Only little of interest to me here, and the same the other way around (very few people - or none at all - interested in what I'm doing).

So I'm just continuing to do 'my thing', but the hope that there'll ever be a single Amiga game review not written by me has died years ago.
Ahh, Senor Creosote! Good to see you. Like you, my EAB days are rare. I love the Amiga and the retro gaming life, as well as the pals I have met here. Just been interested in other things. One of them being collecting old soundtracks from horror and classic films, and of course, collecting the old films themselves. Lot's of Chris Lee, Cushing and Vinnie price on my plate these days. But I have been looking to get back to retro gaming, because of all these fools and the Virtual Console and what not. DOS gaming to me is very fun, and I have always loved your site. I think it's time the elf pitched in and checked out the forums of TGOD!
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