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Hey Xenon,

The executable that I included with the pack was the latest one that was on the official site, but Jahc updates it with very minor changes sometimes. He's working towards a full version 1.0 release, but he's also focussing on trying to get the latest version of WookieChat up to scratch on 3.x. We're also trying to get the prefs window in SabreMSN redesigned so it'll fit on a High Res Workbench. You might be able to get the Login window open if you delete the SabreMSN logo or replace it with a smaller image, if not we'll have to ask Jahc about that too.

I'm glad you liked the icon

I'm going to go back and rework the original High Res theme now, but it could take a while. I originally used to use SabreMSN on a 1084 monitor too, which is what prompted me to make the High Res theme in the first place. I have an Indivision AGA in my A1200 now though, which is how I'm running in 1024x768.

Another patch I'd recommend you try out is MagicTV. If you set your screenmode in High Res Interlaced 16 colours, use the FullPalette prefs provided in the SabreMSN pack, and run MagicTV, your Workbench screen should run in a higher resolution with less flicker than before. You can execute MagicTV at any time to run or stop it and see the difference it makes. Unfortunately it only works in 16 colours or less, but that should be less of a problem with my palette.

The task bar/start menu/dock program I use is called Workbench 2000 (available on Aminet). It pretty much does what the one in Windows does, allows you to quickly switch between windows or minimise them (very handy on Workbench) without iconifying them, but it also captures iconified programs and appicons and displays them in the tray. You can block out apps that you don't want displayed on the bar, configure how many rows and columns of buttons you want, add quicklaunch icons and more. The start menu can have things added to it and also has a directory browser which is quicker than using Workbench or DOpus to browse the hard drive and launch stuff. It has a few different monitors you can add to the tray, but I just use the clock. It uses MUI, so if you point at something a little comic speech bubble opens telling you what it is, and everything is totally themable.

Honestly, I haven't configured any of my music players to display through SabreMSN yet. I'm hoping the AREXX port will work with EaglePlayer and AmiNetRadio, because I pretty much only use EaglePlayer for mods (on the A1200 at least), and AmiNetRadio for streaming online music and MP3 playlists.

Good luck installing everything. Welcome to the world of modular operating system building.
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