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Re: Pauses

Originally posted by Codetapper
I will make a note to recheck Ghosts'n'Goblins and see if I can find when the delays occur but it's a tough ask. The delays make the later levels almost impossible as you have to time jumping on platforms to perfection and when the game suddenly stops for a second it makes it more of a reaction based game - wait until the game starts working again then madly tapping up on the joystick!

Also I remember Galahad saying that to remove those pauses would be a big job aswell, so it probably is a major!
Anyone know why GNG works fine with no delays in WinFellow? The pauses occur even when you use a standard A500 configuration in WinUAE. If the slowdowns are accelerated CPU-related shouldn't the problem be resolved by using a 68000 set-up?

There's actually a patched ADF version on TOSEC that supports newer Amigas (A1200, A4000 etc) - unfortunately it doesn't get past the intro. In fact, the only ADF version I can get to work in either emulator is:

Ghosts 'N Goblins (1988)(Elite Systems)[cr Defjam][t +4 Defjam].

Like I said, this one works fine in WinFellow. I've always considered it to be a very good conversion - although I admit I never got very far.

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