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Originally Posted by pmc View Post
By extension, you think that the Amiga brand is worth millions?
Commodore has already made million(s) from licensing and promoting their name.

Originally Posted by pmc View Post
Something is only worth anything because people desire it, the name is something associated with that desire.
A recognisable brand for 30-somethings (i.e. the people with money) can be worth a lot of money.

Originally Posted by pmc View Post
Amiga nowadays = what exactly...?
Whatever the next owner wants it to stand for, if they were smart it would be a branding on some computer related gadget.

Originally Posted by pmc View Post
Difficult to desire something that isn't anything anymore no matter how iconic (to some) the name used to badge it.
The name, logo, brand is iconic within today's 30-something westerners. People who own like 50% of the world's wealth.

Slap the name Amiga and the logo on some anonymous chinese netbook and see what a leg up it would give them!!

The longer it goes unused, the less it will be worth. It probably has 10 years of value left before it is completely worthless.
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