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Its still sat in a garage somewhere. But I wouldnt sell it because old age was starting to make it rather flakey. Would take a couple of power ons to get the PPC card to recognise and as for the BVision.. pfftt.. ended up giving up on it because it just wouldnt detect anymore. Sad but true. It used to be a great system. In 2003, once software for the Amiga to keep up with the latest internet stuff was getting too difficult. I made my Amiga, the server. And ran off it my FTP server, IRC Server, Web Server for my website. I even created my own shoutcast stream pushing my MP3s out over shoutcast and through a small FM transmitter around my house! I created a web front end where people could request songs and leave messages (Say would say em!) it worked great! It was sad to have to let it go in 2005 But I'll never let go the of Spirit.
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