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Hey Xenon, I have finished making a full OS3 compatible theme for SabreMSN and bundled it together with the latest release. With any luck, this will be all you need (as long as you still have the MUI libraries installed). Once you extract the archive, you'll see a few extra files and drawers which need to be copied to the right location for everything to work properly. Instructions are provided in the readme file. I run this same configuration on my A1200 030/50/FPU/32MB system, so it should run just as well, or even better on your own Amiga, provided you have your Workbench set in 16 colours. If you use more, expect everything to redraw much slower. Nudging works fine provided the window isn't maximized full screen, then it's a bit slow. To help speed up your Workbench experience, you should be running FBlit and BlazeWCP in your Startup-Sequence. For your Workbench to look half decent, you also need to install VisualPrefs, FullPalette and Birdie. If everything is installed right, your Amiga 1200 MSN experience should look something like this:

You can download the full package here -
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