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Originally Posted by Grimbog View Post
It would be awesome if this could play some of the rarer formats... especially if it can do like Deliplayer and play .cust files somehow, although I can imagine this isn't an easy thing to program.
custom modules do present a problem..
it wouldn't be too difficult to play them.. but any kind of understanding or translation of the data wouldn't be possible, because the structure of the data would be undefined; this means no possible support in the sequencer view, instrument mixer, module info.. etc

a custom module cannot be defined as a format, because it's really just a wrapper for an undefined format.. but the data enclosed within the wrapper is still a format, and i think it's important for historical preservation that the format itself, independent of the wrapper, must be properly defined and recognised.
because of this, i don't aim to provide any support for custom modules themselves, but i do want to support the formats contained within them

hrm.. unless..

do you think i should write additional play-only support for custom modules?
.. this would sadly mean special exception to eMod's overall vision.. eMod's full range tools should be adaptable to all types

Originally Posted by Grimbog View Post
(would be great if rewire was available for synchronisation with cubase etc)
great idea!

i don't intend to support any new-gen formats.. but rewire would be superb.. would give you the flexibility to use eMod with the new-gen apps if you wish

i know very little about midi's inner workings, and i would indeed like your help with this in the future, thanks

added this to the todo

Originally Posted by Grimbog View Post
Encountered 1 cash when using this so far.. but I'm unable to replicate it. It occurred when I loaded up a mod whilst one was already playing.
oh no!! first crash report..

it's very important to catch these elusive bugs now before they cause more serious problems if more layers are added on top of them. rotten roots = dead tree

please grab the debug info from the windows report if you can, whenever you get a crash

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