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Minimig Update

There's an update from yaqube for Minimigs with the ARM controller.
Even though Minimigs are quite expensive looks good

A new version of firmware files is available. This release requires an ARM controller.

Changes and new features:

ARM firmware - support for:

- MMC/SD/SDHC cards
- FAT16/FAT32 filesystems
- subfolders (unlimited number of entries and depth)
- Long File Names
- alphabetical sorting of entries
- selection of files and subfolders with a keypress
- scrolling of entries with PgUp/PgDn/Home keys
- selection of parent directory with Backspace key
* up to 4 virtual floppy drives
* up to 2 hard files emulating A600/A1200 hard disk controller (up to 4095 MB each)
- optional higher memory card transfer speed (requires simple hardware modification - highly recommended)
- firmware upgrades directly from the memory card

FPGA - new features:

- improved system timing (blitter, CIAs, ROM)
- minor compatibility improvements (CIA access, INTREQ)
- support for two virtual hard disks
- implemented alliasing of custom register space (Kickstart 1.2 now works)

Upgrade instructions in included readme file.
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