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What a brilliant project - its so refreshing to see something like this in development.

I'm still using Deliplayer for all my tracker based playback, however its been shelved for a while now, and I never really liked the interface, so I'm still trying to find a good alternative as an 'all in one' tool. As a player already eMod is pretty awesome. Anything that allows me to mute/mix individual channels to get an idea of how instruments are sequenced together is a good'n... really allows me to 'get to the bones' of a track.

It would be awesome if this could play some of the rarer formats... especially if it can do like Deliplayer and play .cust files somehow, although I can imagine this isn't an easy thing to program.

Let me know if you need a alpha/beta tester, as I'm especially keen to try out midi-sync (would be great if rewire was available for synchronisation with cubase etc), and instrument browse functions.

Encountered 1 cash when using this so far.. but I'm unable to replicate it. It occurred when I loaded up a mod whilst one was already playing.

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Quad Core etc.
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