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hi all,

Originally Posted by Ziphoid View Post
In case you haven't done so already, you should really have a chat to BuZz, who runs the Exotica site, to discuss usage of his search engine for information about tracks and all other things surrounding the music
we're on the same thinking,

i've talked to buzz briefly, and he helped me with sonic-arranger files a while ago.

on the left panel is a chest of drawers, if you see it? this tool will be to browse 'libraries', with search functions, tables, sorting, etc.. unexotica will be one of them.. high-voltage sid another.. there are a few collections available online and i hope to use eMod to connect directly to them without the need for a browser, or html

Originally Posted by Ziphoid View Post
Also, since I was one of the members of Musicline and have control of the sourcecode for it, just howl to me if you want it to study for implementation.
yes please, this would be really useful for me

Originally Posted by Ziphoid View Post
P.S. How quickly do you get deleted from this board? I know that I've been registered here before, but that account had apparently been deleted... D.S.
not sure tbh.. bippym's around a lot.. he might be able to retrieve your archive or something

Originally Posted by spoUP View Post
download the latest version of hively tracker, it includes a portable C version of the replayer that plays both AHX and Hively tunes.
sources are what i need more of, thanks spoUP

Originally Posted by Loedown View Post
If it can have the ability to read in and convert and Octamed Sound Studio module / song, packed or unpacked and then be able to output it as MID0 / MID1
midi support is something i'm very keen on myself. initially i will focus on midi input.. but midi output will be supported later on too. i will need your suggestions/input when i get to this in the future, thanks
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