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Originally Posted by illy5603 View Post
Hi Dave,

I personally love all of it. I think WinUAE is incredible and use it pretty much every day. I even set up my real A1200 in WinUAE before moving the files over to a compact flash card and installing it in my 1200.

Also right now we DO have new things being created for the Amiga. The Indivision series of video adapters, accelerators being built in limited quantities again, competition pro sticks getting a new run, with even more coming down the line soon.

It also helps to have forums like this one where you can interact with people like Toni, the staff at amigakit, old scene coders, sysops and the like.

Anyway, I will see you at Ami-west. I will have a PAL 1200 and a Multisystem TV on standby for the gaming if needed.
Thanks, looking forward to meeting you and seeing everyone at AmiWest 2009.
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