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Originally Posted by Ahle2 View Post

I can comfirm that both the main player and the status bars uses hardware sprites in the Amiga version of Zool. (WinUAE debugger is awesome).
Neat. That would save some rendering time for sure. I'll need to set e-uae up on my mac.

I played around with the Hatari sources again and had a look to see what the STE version is doing. They're using the blitter in hog (like blitter nasty) mode but still have stable rasters. I wonder if they're blitting only in the top and bottom border. Rather odd and unnecessary since the restart method will give 90% hog mode performance with reliable rasters.

I had a shot on the Amiga under whdload and managed to get the 1200 version to drop the occasional frame too. Neat game tho.
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