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What could I put a NES in?

I picked up an old cosmetically knackered NES yesterday at a boot sale. It works perfectly but is dented cracked and missing the front flap.

I have seen various mods on the net about rehousing the Nes in the casing of another object. Call me strange if you like, but this kind of thing really appeals to me!

Now some guy has put a NES in a toaster, another guy used a nes clone to put a NES in a Nes Cartridge. So my question is, What should I put my NES in? I want to be original rather than copy what has already been done.

Now because I'm using a real NES I obviously wont be able to get it to fit in something too small. Component that are large such as some of the bigger Caps I can move or relocate but the size of the board will limit how small I can go.

The best suggestion gets made!!! (or at least attempted)

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